About Us

This event is supported by a Student Success Fee Award through the Office of the Provost at San Diego State University.

Dr. Sascha Longstreth is the faculty advisor for this project. Dr. Longstreth and her colleague, Dr. Sarah Garrity, work wth educational leaders to improve the quality of discipline policies. For more information, see our website and our book.

The following students from the Child and Family Development Department at San Diego State University worked with Dr. Longstreth to organize this event:

  • Rachel Glovinsky, Student Chairperson

  • Lena Barbakh

  • Melisa Castillo

  • Irene Chung

  • Cynthia Hernandez

  • Denae Jackson

  • Alexis Kojo

  • Vanna Nguyen

  • Shavonni Sulcer

  • Cindy Truong

  • Ryan Warmerdam

  • Shaneice White

  • Wendi Wu

Special thanks to the following individuals for their support of this event:

  • Dr. J. Joseph Johnson, Provost, SDSU

  • Dr. J. Luke Wood, Associate Vice President for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion, SDSU - see Black Minds Matter course

  • Dr. Y. Barry Young, Dean, College of Education, SDSU

  • Dr. Karen Myers-Bowman, Associate Dean College of Education, SDSU

  • Dr. Patricia Lozada Santone, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, College of Education, SDSU

  • Julie White, Manager, Budget and Analysis, College of Education, SDSU

  • Sarah Garrity, Chair and Associate Professor, Child and Family Development , SDSU

  • Monika Lemp, Senior Graphic Designer, SDSU

  • Dan Maringer, Assistant Professor of Program Services, Associated Students, SDSU

  • Michael Klitzing, Marketing and Communications Officer, College of Education, SDSU

  • La Monica Everett-Haynes, Interim Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs
    and Chief Communications Officer, Director of Media Relations, SDSU

  • Idara Essien, Assistant Professor, Child and Family Development, SDSU

  • Linda Williams, Retired Teacher and Director of Compassionate Comprehension

  • Martin Hernandez, Community Organizer, Mid-City Can

  • Jose Hernandez, Mid-City Can Peace Promotion Momentum Team

  • Lallia Allali, Chair, San Diego Unified School District Office of Language Acquisition

  • Godwin Higa, Retired School Principal and Trauma-Informed Care Activist and Educator

  • Jen Carpenter, Principal, Rowan Elementary School

  • Francisco Carbajal, Senior Program Manager, Lead Facilitator, National Conflict Resolution Center

  • Officer John Serrano, San Diego Unified School District Campus Police

  • Manny Uribe, COE Digital Support, SDSU

  • Nancy Stevens, SDSU Bookstore

  • Chris Longstreth

An EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to the following youth for their contribution to this event:

  • Manny Martinez, Restorative Justice Youth Graduate, San Diego Unified School District

  • Erik Hernandez, Restorative Justice Youth Graduate, San Diego Unified School District

  • Ethan Kay, Film Director/Writer/Editor