Take Action


Take Action

Join other educators, parents, students, community organizers, and activists in showing that individually and collectively, we can TAKE ACTION to end the School to Prison Pipeline. Here are some ways you can be involved.


Action 1

Did you attend the SDSU event featuring notable playwright and scholar, Anna Deavere Smith. Share your reflections on the event with us through this brief, 6-question survey.


action 2

Learn how to create a supportive school climate—and decrease suspensions and expulsions—by exploring tools, data and resources from the U.S. Department of Education.

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action 3

Advocate for positive school discipline policies and practices by making your voice heard. Sign the ACLU Safe Classrooms Pledge.


action 4

View informational videos and download facts about the School to Prison Pipeline at the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC). Try implementing a restorative justice practice in your home, school, and/or organization. Consider donating to NCRC’s “The 100” campaign, which supports youth participation in restorative justice programs.